Whale DAO is called the world’s most elite DAO for a reason. It is the single, most credible & exclusive community of crypto and non-crypto affluents in one place, sharing epic experiences together while channeling their time & resources towards projects with immense potential. It’s ELITE not just because of status, but because of impact. Your initial USD 25K investment into WhateDAO is to secure a single token (WAO), which in turn grants you a single voting right, thereby allowing you to stay within the DAO.

It is NOT an "entry fee". The entirety goes into a foundation fund within the DAO to enable the potential-to-invest into projects that YOU, the community votes on, collectively. Absolutely nothing is appropriated as administrative, entry, or team fees. Your token will at all times, represent a proportionate value of that foundation fund within the DAO as it democratically invests & substantiates into more projects.

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Note membership requires 1 WAO token in your wallet at all time, and each token represents one vote in the DAO